Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our 1st Glance of Baby Finley

Today has been one AMAZING day!  DH and I seen our miracle for the first time today, and we were in awe!  It was such an amazing, relieving experience that I will never forget.  Once we seen our baby on that monitor, and heard that heart beat going at 138 bpm, it was sooo relieving, and amusing all in one.  DH began to shed a tear, took pics, and videoed what he could as he was in such a state of awe of our little miracle.  I am soo grateful to God right now.  Not that I haven't been grateful, but I'm especially grateful to God in this chapter of my life.  It was only He that could give us the desire of our heart.....the beautiful gift, and miracle of starting a family.  God I'm in Awe of you right now, and thank you for all that you've done for my family and I.  I trust you, and your will for our lives, and for this baby's life.  Let your will be done in the Finley family!  God you giveth and you taketh away.  I THANK YOU for giving us this gift, and entrusting to us to raise this child in the fear of the Lord.  I pray that your hand will continue to cover this baby and myself through this happy and healthy 9 months ( I speak it in advance)!  Now, here's a couple of pictures of our miracle....Baby Finley!

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