Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Prayer of Declaration Over Infertility

Hello sisters! I felt strongly in my spirit that I needed to share my prayer of declaration with you ladies.  If you're currently following me on periscope (@TiffanyFinley go follow if your aren't already for live encouragement daily!), I shared in the month of September that I was going to write my very own personal prayer over infertility, and declare that my PREDESTINED ONE is on way. I also encouraged my sisters that were believing God for healing, and the gift of motherhood to write their prayers of declaration as well, and to read it and say it a least 2-3 times daily until it began to rest and germinate in their spirits. 

So, if the concept of a prayer of declaration is new to you let me explain what it is:

"Decrees and declarations are POWERFUL prayers to manifest heaven on earth (
The word declare comes for Hebrew achvah, meaning "to make know" or "to set forth an accounting." (  

Declarations are when we use our mouths to speak what God has already spoken,and given to us, i.e healing, motherhood, salvation, and eternal life. 

"Decrees are a tool by which we cause the truths of the heavenly realm to be manifest into the natural realm, so they become reality." ( 
The English definition of decree is "a statement of truth that carries the authority of a court order."  In the spiritual realm when we decree God's provision and blessings over our lives, then anything purposed against our provision and blessing can have no further say in the matter." (

Therefore, we need to decree the word of God, and declare our gift of motherhood through our prayers.  When we do this we speak scriptures that decree healing over ourselves and our preemies, and declare becoming a mother and a healthy baby.  We cause the truths of the heavenly realm to be manifest into the natural realm.  

Here's my very own declaration.  I pray that it helps you create one for yourself, so that you can begin declaring and decreeing what God has already said about your fertility, your becoming a mother, your healing, and your preemie's healing:

My Prayer of Declaration Over Infertility


I thank you for being the creator and giver of life. I thank you for being a God that opens and closes my womb.  Lord, I thank you that I don’t have to worry about my fertility and becoming a mother because I can pray instead, about all things, including motherhood.  I thank you that when I pray about this situation I will experience your peace that will guard my heart and mind (Philippians 4:6-7).  You will keep me in perfect peace as I trust you, and keep my thoughts and mind fixed on you (Isaiah 26:3).  God, I thank you for leaving me the gift of peace of mind and heart.  Your peace is a gift the world cannot give me.  So, I will not be troubled or afraid (John 14:27).  Lord, I also thank you for giving every childless, barren woman a family, making her a happy mother.  So, I thank you in advance for making me fruitful, fertile, and healing my womb; giving me a family (Psalms 113:9). 
Your word says in Hebrews 11:11 that it was by faith that even Sarah was able to have a child, though she was barren and was too old.  She believed that God would keep his promise.  So God I come putting my faith in you to conceive a child, although I’ve been diagnosed with infertility.   I believe just like Sarah that you will keep your promise.  And, just as the angel told Zechariah, “Don’t be afraid!” I will not be afraid Lord because I know you have heard my prayer just as you heard Zechariah’s prayer for his wife Elizabeth.  I thank you in advance for the great joy and gladness, and how I will rejoice at my baby girl’s birth (Luke 1:13-14)! Lord, therefore, I will not fear bad news; I will confidently trust you to care for me (Psalms 112:7).  Lord, I thank you that your word says to don’t be afraid, for you are with me. It says don’t be discouraged, for you are my God.  You will strengthen me and help me.  You will hold me up with your victorious right hand (Isaiah 41:10). So, God I will not walk in fear, worry, or doubt, but I will trust you lord.  I will not be afraid!
Father God, just as Hannah stood praying to you, and asked you to give her a baby boy. You granted her request and she gave him back to you Lord, and her baby boy belonged to you his whole life (1 Samuel 1:26-28), I too am praying and asking you to give me my baby girl.  I believe that you will, and I give her back to you; even now, before she’s been conceived. 
Lord, I serve you: the One and ONLY God.  I thank you for your provision over my life, and protecting me from illness.  Your word says that there will be no miscarriages or infertility, and you will give me a long, full life (Exodus 23:25-26).  So, I speak life to come forth into my womb in Jesus name.  I bind up, and rebuke the spirit of infertility, and command it to leave my body in Jesus name!  Daddy, I thank you that I am going to be healed, fruitful, and conceive! In Jesus mighty name!


Now, fertility sisters, go begin speaking life over your womb and healing in your body!  Preemie sisters, go begin speaking life over your preemie.  Then, watch God begins to move, heal, and manifest your predestined one!  God desires to give you the gift of motherhood, and he desires that your gift is whole, healthy, and complete.  Trust Him not to do the possible, but to do the IMPOSSIBLE in your life!

I love all of you!
I am praying for you!
Tiffany Finley

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