Thursday, March 23, 2017

Private Support Group

Hi predestined & preemie moms! It's been a minute since I've posted. I've missed being on the blog. How are you guys??? Me? I'm doing BETTER!! The past few months have been emotional  for me. So, I needed to take a break, as I felt like I had NOTHING to give to encourage you all (just keeping it real). Yes, I get discouraged, emotional, angry, and isolate myself at times too. I'm not immuned to any of the aforementioned emotions. I'm human just like you, and need prayers, encouragement, support, and a community of women to connect with about my current struggles with TTC and preemie parenting as well.

With that being said, Holy Spirit has led me to create a PRIVATE support group for those like myself who need and would benefit from this kind of support from their fellow fertility-sisters and preemie mom-sisters. This is a space where we'd meet to receive live encouragement.

So, think about and answer these  question:

Would you like to be a part of a private Christian fertility support group where you can 1) help renew another sister's hope and strengthen her faith, while your hope and faith is being renewed and strengthen as well? 2) a support group where you cover one another in prayer, and grow together in Christ while trusting His will and perfect timing on your motherhood journey,  3) a private support group where you can receive live encouragement (via periscope app), connect, share joys, and frustrations with other women experiencing what you experience. I know that women in the TTC/fertility & preemie parent communities could really benefit from one anothers experiences, tests, trials and joys on our different journeys concerning motherhood. If you're interested in this and would like to connect and join please email me ( regarding your interest along w/ your first and last name, and I'll provide you more details.

You're Predestined for a Miracle,
Tiffany Finley

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