Wednesday, November 7, 2012

100% TEAM BLUE!!!

 So, the anomaly scan went well today. Our little one is all healthy and developing well! He is already in the vertix position. The scan confirmed that we are definitely 100% TEAM BLUE!!! Needless to say, DH is sooo excited to be have our first born be a boy, since all of his brothers have girls. This little one will be the first grandson for DH's family. Now, I can't wait to put him in all 29 of his little cute onesies that we've purchased for him. I met two other women while waiting at the perinatologist today who are also having boys.  This must definitely be the year for the males! Daddy and I can't wait for you to make your arrival Caleb!   We can't wait to see who you will look like...what features you'll take from mommy and daddy...what your hair will look like...your little eyes..toes....fingers...your smile....we cannot wait!  You are truly loved and desired, and we know that you're our little miracle from above.  You snuggle up and hold tight in there, and try not to hurt mommy too much with those kicks and punches you are starting to give! 

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