Friday, October 3, 2014

Overcoming Fear of Illness for My Former Micropreemie

With so much in the media about Enterovirus EV-D68 and Ebola, it’s only natural to get fearful and wonder how you can keep you and your family safe.  I have found myself getting a little nervous, and frustrated at the same time, about the outbreaks.  I’m specifically frustrated about the Enterovirus, as I have a former 25 week old preemie with Chronic Lung Disease, because I know that respiratory problems appear to be the hallmark of EV-D68. It starts out like a common cold, and then can progress to coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and fever.  Needless to say, I’m not enthused about this new virus.   As a parent of a former 25 weeker, not only do I have to worry about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), but I also have to fight to protect him from this present Enterovirus outbreak.  So, my feelings of frustration and worry are valid.  Mother’s of preemies fight hard to keep their babies, and toddlers protected, and safe from illness, especially during RSV and cold & flu seasons.  We are intentional about sanitizing our hands, ensuring that family and friends wash, and sanitize their hands, and are well before visitation to our homes. We put all of these necessary precautionary steps in to place to keep them healthy, because the affects of illness on our babies, and toddlers are much worst.  Additionally, it feels that our fight as mothers never ends, as we fight against our specific diagnosis of infertility to conceive our predestined babies, we fight to maintain a healthy viable pregnancy once we’ve conceived, and then we fight to keep our babies healthy, whether pre-term or not.  The fight never ends!  However, I take solace in knowing that I don’t have to fight alone.  Actually, I really don’t have to fight at all.  Because, there’s one that’s all knowing, all powerful, and sovereign, and He will fight and protect us from any sickness and disease that comes for me.  He will protect me, and my family from ALL hurt, harm, and danger.  His word says in Exodus 14:14, “The Lord himself will fight for you.  Just stay calm.”  I can stay calm, and know that God is fighting for family and me to remain healthy.  I can walk in peace, and trust his word.  Even in those moments, when my human nature wants to remind me of the threat of illness in this world, I have to sit at the feet of Jesus, and give Him my concerns, worries, and frustration-take steps of prevention, and leave it at His feet, and walk in peace.  Satan wants to have us fearful, worried, and stressed out. He desires for us to take our eyes off of Jesus-the one who protects us, and keeps us calm in the midst of illness and disease in this world.  I don’t know about you, but I chose to trust God’s protection in my life regardless of what my human nature tells me, or I see.  I want and trust God’s protection.  I want Him to shield, and protect my son from RSV and EV-D68.  I want Him to protect us from all sickness, and disease, and believe that He watches over and protects us as said in Psalms 121:7-“The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.” So, let us not fret, but let’s pray for our families, trust God’s protection, and remain calm; walking in the peace of God. 


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