Thursday, July 19, 2012

WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its' official and confirmed!  We are pregnant with a little Finley!  It has been a long road, but we remained faithful to God's word, and his promise for our family.  Actually, Derek and I knew we were pregnant before our "official" blood test at our doctors office.  We took a Frer (First Response Early Response) HPT on Tuesday night and saw our BFP.  We were both just so overjoyed and began to weep, and thank God.  I tested again on last night, just because I enjoy seeing my BFP, and again another STRONG positive.  Our official confirmation came this afternoon at approximately 1:15 PM.  The nurse told me "as you already know you are pregnant, and your HCG number is 224."  Now, although I knew we where pregnant, I was relieved to hear that HCG number due to our history.  I immediately called DH to tell him the news, and he immediately began informing our family and friends who were anticipating the news.  I've been texting and calling letting our family and friends know that we are PREGGERS!  God is soooo good and faithful to us!  He gets ALL the glory, honor, and praise! To those that are still TTCing , please continue to stay faithful to God's word, and keep hope alive!  He will bless you with the little that your heart desires in DUE SEASON!  Remember, His timing is not our timing....took me a while to grasp this.  God is Able!
So, now the questions is....what do you all think?  Will we be having a girl or boy????


  1. Yessir!!! I'm getting all cowboy gear, weather it's a boy or a girl!

  2. I'm gonna be a pappy. So now I can, in Bernie Mac voice, "I'm the pappy!"

  3. lol.....Maury states "U r the father".....i hope yall have twins....cant wait...